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575 Air-Ject
Mighty Mic Long Tall Cold MailTable Reject 575 Air-Ject Good/Bad Dual Divert



The Air-Ject 575 was developed to minimize stitcher and trimmer jams.  Most jams in stitchers and trimmers are due to partially collated magazines that don’t behave well in the normal reject system in the stitcher transfer.  The Air-Ject installs prior to the stitcher head and is capable of rejecting entire books down to the smallest stitched insert.  There are no drive connections to the main line due to the Air-Ject having a self-contained drive.  All that is needed from the main line to control the motor is 120 voltage single phase and a signal that normally would control the stitcher transfer reject.  Simple plug-N-play.


Product Size

-6” X 6” Minimum

-10” X  13” Maximum 


-4 page Minimum

-200 page Maximum 


Air-80 PSI 

Power-110 volt 60 cycle 



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Last modified: September 01, 2011