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673 Zephyr
675A TurnOver 673 Zephyr Double Digest



The 673 Turnover Belt is a true real estate saver.  Printers are continuously asked to accomplish tasks that their saddle stitch or perfect bound lines were not originally equipped to do.  The Zephyr is the answer.  This turnover belt mounts over your existing mailtable.  Books are diverted (via skiver) up to the tape system, which convey the books vertically into a 180 spin, around a fixed roller, around a second fixed roller, then directly down back onto the mailtable. The 673 has the option for an inkjet station allowing for more drying time.  It is operator accessible from either side and the 673 is Servo driven which eliminates the need for mechanical connection.  Whether a mailtable or one from another supplier, the 673 can give you the added advantage your publisher is looking for. 


Product Size

-6 X  9 Minimum

-12 X 12 Maximum 


-1/16 Minimum

-5/8 Maximum 


-Up to 350 cpm


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Last modified: September 01, 2011