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Saddle Stitch Operator to Operator                   Saddle Stitch Feeder to Feeder


Saddle Stitch Operator to Feeder                             Saddle Stitch Feeder to Operator  


 Perfect Bound                                                                        Inserting on Back side of Base


Inserting on Base


A superior system for inserting loose subscription cards, expiration and renewal notices, and advertising material between selected pages of a magazine while the signatures are being gathered on the saddle-chain.  The Cardfeeder can also be incorporated into a number of different binder and inserting applications.

This unit can feed one card, two cards simultaneously, or two cards alternately.  It can interface to an on–line labeling machine to permit computer-controlled insertion for circulation fulfillment. 

The Cardfeeder has several operating mode options.  The customer can run pocket “A” continuously, pocket “B” continuously, run pockets “A and B” alternately, or run pockets “A and B” selectively.  To run selectively you must have a signals available for the cardfeeder from the mail control system. 

The unit is completely portable and can be interfaced to most lines. With Servo technology there are no mechanical connection areas of concern.  Simple plug-N-play.


-Servo Driven

-Wrench less 

-24” Card Cue with low pile warning lights

-Heavy Duty construction design for continuous use

-Touch Screen Electronic Control 


Card Size

-3.5” X 5” Minimum

-7” X 7” Maximum 


-Up to 400 cpm

Card Thickness

-2 page cardstock or coated offset .005 minimum thickness

Electrical             Required

-120 volts, single phase, 50/60 cycle 10 amp max


-100cc of air thru 1.29 cu. cms orifice in no less than 18 seconds

Air required

-House air at 80 psi with 3/8” inlet to cardfeeder 

Vacuum required

-Must sustain 20” Hg. of vacuum at card feeder inlet



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